Here are some ideas of what one can do with our

Tournament Scorer’s Website

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Form VT – Versatile Totals (22.5” x 35”)

Above are 5 different ways to set up this form.  One can

do scoring for individuals or teams of 2-4 players.  You

can also add a club logos and or player / team photos.


Form VMP – Versatile Match Play (22.5” x 35”)

Above is just 1 way to score the form, but one can put 1

player alone or with club name or teams of 2 golfers.  Also,

room to add a country club logo and or picture of champion




Form 5F – 9 Hole Match Play (35” x 22.5”)

Above is 1 way to set up this form.  In place

of the logos, one can insert a team photo.




Form TIT – Team / Individual Total (35” x 22.5”)

Above is 1 way to set up form.  There is room for two

player teams. One can insert a logo or photo in header.




Form #13M – Mate Totals (17.5” x 22.5”)

One of our most popular forms set for a four golfer team. Can easily adjust for fewer golfers.



Form #14M – Mate Totals (17.5” x 22.5”)

Box for photo, club logo or both.

Can easily adjust for fewer golfers per team.


Form #1 – Hole by Hole (17.5” x 22.5”)

Three different ways to use this scoresheet (Individual golfers for 18 holes, 36 holes or more).


Form #7 – Match Play 16 (22.5” x 17.5”)

This form is set for a two golfer team with

the champions highlighted. Can easily use it

for individual golfers. Add a club logo, too.


Form #6 – Hole by Hole (22.5” x 17.5”)

Above are multiple ways to use this simple

hole by hole scoring form.  You can also use

the header for club name/logo or name of event.


Form #15 – Sign Up Sheet (22.5” x 17.5”)

Make eye popping headers using any font

and color on your computer. Then post the

for scoresheet for golfers to sign up.

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